Video Hoes

I THOUGHT this title grab your attention. Shame on you! *fail* Now that THAT’s out of the way, have you all heard my mixtape (Adam’s Case Files) yet? Well I have a video for a song from my mixtape called “True Feelings“. (click on song title)

*Now Peep The Fly Sh*t:

One day on MySpace & I get a message (crazy right? Being on MySpace & receiving a message in your inbox. What are the odds?) from a dude who says he liked my mixtape a lot. Now, not to be on some big-headed sh*t but I received dozens of messages like this all of which I’ve replied to with humble gratitude. Think about it, people COULD be telling me my mixtape was terrible so, I’m very appreciative. Anyway, this message was a little different from the “yo ur ish bangs my d00d’ message; This guy offered to shoot a music video for any song of my choice from my mixtape. I was intrigued but not enough to get excited at this point.

Now, in the spirit of keeping my blog posts in the vein of brutal honesty, this guy, by the name of Skylar, tells me that he did a video for my boy GLC. The video is for a song called “Haterville”. I remember seeing this video once & thought, “Man… The song is okay but the video is kind of weak.” So I go onto thinking, “if this video is Skylar’s ‘selling point’ then I’m probably better off not having a video made by this dude.”

*Note: I am very critical on anything with my name attached to it. I’d rather go without then to have something I’m not really feeling.

So before totally moving forward I ask Skylar if he had a director’s reel for me to check out some more of his work. Skylar then shoots me a link to some snippets he (& his partners) put together. Most of the snippets from this reel looked really dope which kind of surprised me. (Enter excitement here: __________ ). I forward the reel to my manager Daniel & tell him the full scoop: “This dude Skylar hit me up on MySpace & said he & his boys loved Adam’s Case Files & they’d like to shoot a video for me. Oh & by the way, did I mention that it would be FO’ FREE?!?!!” Daniel was pretty skeptical himself because he saw “Haterville” too. *ha*

tf-shootPhoto: Daniel, myself & CPU Beach Party on the set of “True Feelings”. My Polo Indian Pointe Coyote Cap costs $275. *stunt*

*Note: Hey, I’m not sh*ttin’ on Skylar @ all here. Do you know how many times I’VE been told my beats/rhymes were wick-wick-wack? Try THREE! 3 times in my entire life have I been told my sh*t was wack. *ha*

I hold down my faith in this Skylar dude just for the mere fact that he approached me on some genuine appreciation of my music. Plus him extending such services to shoot a music video was pretty damn generous. A few days later he sends over a video treatment with 3 choices of looks to choose from. Right around this time I actually had to make a trip out of town so I didn’t really have time to ‘live’ with my options to choose from. Actually my trip was WAY out of town. I went to Stockholm, Sweden to DJ a party (which I murdered f.y.i. Thanks for asking).

Computer Beach Party

Computer Beach Party

Photo: Mark Phillips & Skylar Wesby (not shown Mark Theriaul & Charlie Sato).


*Sidebar: The party goers were expecting the likes of an 88-Keys to spin ‘underground hip hop gems’ all night. Uh… Negatory! I spin whatever I think is dope. At first the guys over there weren’t feeling me until the ladies starting filling up the club & I had them ALL on the dance floor like they were being yelled @ by a music video director being told to “look alive people!” Yeah, guys had a sudden change of opinion on my DJ’ing skills/selection. *ha*

Now while I was doing my Funkmaster Flex impersonation half a world away, Skylar, who’s from The Temple of Chi’, sends one of his partners (Mark, who’s based in The Rotten Apple) over to meet with my manager to further discuss the treatment & present their storyboards. Daniel was impressed… & I missed out. *frowns*


To cut to the chase… Skylar Wesby, Mark Phillips & two of their partners whom I have yet to meet (Mark Theriault & Charlie Sato) are collectively known as Computer Beach Party & they are awesome. Don’t believe me? Check out what they’ve done for their peoples Locksley. “All Over Again” has since been added to MTV 2 & is currently in heavy rotation. The song’s dope too.

Rest assure that “True Feelings” will not be the last collaborative efforts between myself & Computer Beach Party. We’re already in talks of shooting a video for THE OFFICIAL “Stay Up! (Viagra)” Remix. Ill… Mind yo’ business! <<< (Inside joke) *ha*


  • “Collaborative”… I did NOT say “collabo” Daniel. My [true] feelings on this word still stands. *booo*
  • Also, for more info & to contact Computer Beach Party please visit their website here (in case you missed clicking on their name the first time… Dummy): CPU Beach Party


  1. Skylar (for reaching out & also for flying in for my NY album release party.)
  2. Mark (for reaching out & being a dope animator.)
  3. XXL Magazine (“Eye Candy” – please refer to post heading. Thank you all. Oh & thanks again for the FULL PAGE feature too.)
  4. Locksley (for putting your faith in CPU Beach Party thus making my faith in them stronger. I look forward to linking up with you guys.)
  5. Illmind (for inviting me to your dope party… AND for the reTARDed remix.)
  6. Kids Incorporated (to my crew who jumped on & kill’t this remix. we WILL fully execute our ideas dudes… Trust!)

~ by 88-Keys on February 6, 2009.

38 Responses to “Video Hoes”

  1. i just saw that video from on nahright of you and your polo collection. that’s crazy man, you’ve shown some serious dedication. you said you wouldn’t wear any part of a single collection unless you already have 20 pieces of the collection! daaamn, that is seriously fresh on a whole other level lol.

    i do remember when i first heard about your music seeing what i think was your album release party where you rockin on a rooftop and i was thinkin damn this guys style is wild. now i know the whole story haha very dope.
    stay up 88.


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