Colin Munroe – “Last Cause” (88-Keys Cause N’ Effect Remix)

One would think I would have posted this 1st or maybe 2nd since this is Colin’s song & not mine. But uh… Here goes nothin’. Actually this song is pretty dope so “here goes SOMETHIN’!”


last cause remixon smash:unsung hero flyer

My verse went a lil’ somethin’ like THIS:

You will be my “Last Cause”

I will be your first effect

I can’t help starring at your face

Like you had some weird birth defect

(Oh… Oh I’m sorry. I can’t help myself)

Sometimes those things that’s worth fighting for

Get ignored

I will take a day off

Even if I’m chairman of the board

I can’t afford to let you

Slip right through these cracks I bet you

iChat will let me get you

Log on!


  • Colin for considering me & hitting me up for this remix & liking (& understanding) my verse.
  • Andrew Kennedy (Colin‘s manager) for [literally] schoolin’ me on the proper usage of the apostrophe (‘).
  • Philip “Sporty” Sportel. (I don’t really know him whatsoever to give him that obvious nickname but I thought I’d throw it in). Thanks for ‘degreasing’ my photo as best you could.
  • Wentz for helping me out on the keys with this one. I have to raise the level of your tracks if/when this really gets placed.
  • Eric Vogel for the high octane, fun-filled photo shoots. My wife’s gunnin’ for ya so you’d better watch out. ;)

Post Script: Click on both banners to download the music. *duhhh*

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~ by 88-Keys on February 20, 2009.

16 Responses to “Colin Munroe – “Last Cause” (88-Keys Cause N’ Effect Remix)”

  1. nice track!


  2. Man. This is incredible, its FANTASTIC.

    I love it.


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