New RL For My Girls

The day is Saturday, April 25th. It’s the first day of the New York city ‘heat wave’; what a day. Every Saturday morning my wife & I take our daughters to Harlem 4 Kids‘ Storytime. H4K is a non-profit organization focused on bettering the NYC neighborhood of Harlem for children to live, learn & play. During Storytime a bunch of neighborhood couples/parents bring their infants & toddlers to actively participate in such activities as: singing children songs, exercising & just plain ol’ fashioned learning. The 2nd of two Saturday classes, which is geared more for toddlers than infants, starts promptly @ 10:30am. My wife is off on yet another photog gig; it’s just me & the girls today & I’m already running a bit late.

Viva La Macy’s: 1:08pm

Story Time lasts about 40 minutes; time seems to go by fast over there. Let me say this, in case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE getting my daughters dressed. More specifically, I love getting them dressed in their Ralph Lauren outfits. I usually try my best not to dress them up in random Ralph Lauren clothing as I’m all about the collections. Although my daughters have a lot of Ralph Lauren clothing, they don’t have many various collections (yet). Chloë Yoshe has a huge collection of Legends of The Fall & a few pieces from a collection called Bleecker Nautical. Luca Delaney owns the hand-me-down collection of Legends of The Fall. Today both of my girls are in L.O.T.F. outfits. I kept it as minimal as I could because Legends’ were part of a Fall collection. This day felt like it was mid-Summer. I have to get my girls new clothes for the hot days to ensue. “So off we go (let the trumpets blow)”… We arrive at Macy’s by the aforementioned time stamp. This is now cutting into their nap time. My daughters were knocked OUT!

Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep



To The Bat Cave Robin! 3:21pm

So now we’re back home & I’m really looking forward to getting the girls dressed in their new collection. I bought them 3 outfits each from the new Spring collection called Saranac. The girls weren’t too bad at all in Macy’s. Luca had a bit of a melt down but she calmed down shortly thereafter. We’re now home & it’s their lunch time. Not sure what to make for them just yet but it will be yummy (& nutritious). Since they’ve been out in the heat rockin’ Fall outfits, I feel like they should both take baths to cool down & get fresh. I give them each a bath & now it’s time to bounce to the park. Speaking of  ‘bounce’ I have to deliver this long overdue track called “Bounce” to this rapper from Milwaukee, WI named J.C. Poppe. He’s been extremely patient with me on getting his music finished & delivered. I’ve had tons of equipment issues which has delayed me from completing these projects. But more on this later. Promise. But anyway, I have to get the .wav files to him very soon because he’s currently in the studio waiting for them. So I start burning the files to a CD.

It’s now approximately 4 o’clock & the girls are dressed (& fly) in their new Ralph Lauren Saranac collection. I’ll dive deeper into this collection in a future post. I still have a little more to learn about this Blue Label collection before I begin to share any information about it with you all. luca delaneySo, minutes after I get the girls dressed & ready to hit the park & start stuntin’ like ‘dey daddy… My oldest daughter Chloë Yoshe (a.k.a. Yosh’) had an ‘accident’. She peed her new Ralph Lauren Saranac cargo shorts. pissed offGreat! :( What to do now? Do I grab another set of shorts from this collection & waste another potential outfit or do I try for a quick fix solution. I opt for the quick fix. I hand wash her shorts in the bathroom sink with a little bit of detergent. Then, instead of throwing them in the dryer I break out my trusty iron & get busy. The shorts are now brand new-beings… I had to Slow Down & think about how to resolve this issue quickly. ;)

Morningside Park: 5:05pm

I finally get the girls ready (again) to hit the park but guess what? The CD’s not finished burning. This sucks because it’s already pretty late in the afternoon. I didn’t want my girls to miss out on a hot fun-filled day at the park. I know J.C. Poppe needs these files today but this CD is moving slow. It’s now 5:11 pm & I have to make an executive decision… To the park we go while the CD still burns. The park isn’t too far from my apartment so I know I could leave my daughters in the care of one of my wife & my neighborhood friends while I run back real quick & send the files off. It would take me less than 10 minutes for sure. Let’s go Yosh’ & Luc’. Let’s go to the park & have fun. As soon as we get outside I notice a big wet spot on Yoshe’s shorts. Not AGAIN!!! No… Not again. This time she spilled water on herself from her sippy cup. *phew*

chloë yosheSo we finally make it to the park & (much to my surprise) not a single one of our friends is there. Not one. It was hot & sunny as Hell & absolutely none of Yoshe or Luca’s friends are out to enjoy the park. This isn’t good for two reasons: 1. My daughters won’t have any members of their ‘crew’ to run around & tire themselves out with & 2. I can’t leave them @ the park for a few minutes to run back & take care of the CD I’m burning & need to send off. Bummer! :( Well, we’re just going to hang out until the time we usually start packin’ it in.

The Day Is Done 6:17pm

So the girls had their lil’ “work out” today. Did a lot of running (& crawling) around. Got themselves nice & tired. My youngest Luca Delaney (a.k.a. Luci) starts to have a meltdown. I’m guessing she’s just tired & hungry at this point as are we all. Time to head home & start our late evening routine: dinner/bath/bedtime stories… Lights out. I was going to skip bath time since they had one earlier but, again, today was a hot day, I give them another. A spritzer if you will. Afterwards I prepare their dinner. Oh but I haven’t forgotten about J.C. I start sending him the files right away. What sucked was I had to do it one at a time because I’m still using the free version of YouSendIt. I’m cheap. Eventually all of the files get sent & my girls have heard their bedtime stories & are both fast asleep.

In walks my wife… Let the fun begin! ;)

Nighty night y’all!

This Is My Attempt At Trying To Do Their Hair

This Is My Attempt At Trying To Do Their Hair


  • Mr. Lauren, thanks for creating Saranac for my girls (& wife possibly?) this Spring. It’s an awesome Blue Label mirror to your Polo Evening Post collection. Like always, you know exactly what you’re doing. ;)
  • Janair @ Macy’s in Herald Square. Thanks for holdin’ me down for real.
  • J.C. Poppe. Thanks for your extreme amounts of patience. See you @ your album release party. Oh & good luck on you & your wife’s new seed coming. I trust you will use this post as a guideline as to what to expect in a couple of years. *ha* Word… Life! – O.C. -

Post Script:

Wouldn’t you know it… The studio J.C. Poppe was in had internet issues that evening so he didn’t receive the files until the next day or so. “Ayo Technology“… What ARE you doin’ to us?!?!?? :(

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~ by 88-Keys on April 25, 2009.

34 Responses to “New RL For My Girls”

  1. Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous. Just stumbled upon your blog (and you!). Wondering what rock I’ve been hiding under. Keep it up!

  2. ur daughters are so cute! so is ur wife even though shes not on this post she on ur recent myspace pic defult.

  3. This is JC Poppe and I approve this message. Lol. But seriously, I should blog about my day and they should be intertwined kinda like the book Ordinary People. I had a heck of a day myself. PS, if the Terminators ever did take over…the way we have luck with technology…they’d be shut down instantly! Bad joke…time to go.

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