AlBe Back – “Walk On By” Ft. Naledge & 88-Keys

Yeah, yeah. I know… I know… I’m wild late with this one. So what? The song’s still dope + I’m sure some of you maybe hearing this for the 1st time so… Enjoy my friends!

ATLs Brooklyn... From the South Bronx, South, South Bronx.

ATL's "Brooklyn"... From the South Bronx, South, South Bronx.

Walk On By ft. Naledge & 88-Keys

(click here to download song courtesy of 2DopeBoyz)

Dionne Warwick: “If you see me walking down the street”


And you think
I look a little bit familiar
Ask me who I am
It won’t kill ya’

I’d rather get stopped
Than stared at by scared cats
Who’s scratching their heads
Then start twisting their mugs like beer caps

I’m not really here to bare facts
The fact is I’m here to tear tracks
But black kids wear their slacks relaxed
And white kids give me pounds on beats

Dionne Warwick: “If you see me walking down the street”


On second thought
I think I’ll change my mind
Like Spring’s here
And there’s a change in time

If you don’t know me by now (you fail)
But if you do
Let’s see a show of hands
Like a caged in mime

You should recognize me
Off the strength of my discog’
And know
There’s no f*ckin’ with this guy

Just walk into Best Buy
And request the best current CD

Dionne Warwick: “If you see me” – “Walk On By”


  • ALBe Back for reaching out & considering me to be a part of this dope song.
  • Jaleel for steppin’ your game up & making the huge leap from intern to big man on campus. That was fast.
  • Naledge. I like how you freestyle the rest of your verse off the top of your head. A true rapper you are my friend. We have to link up the next time you’re in The Rotten Apple.
  • 2DopeBoyz. Thanks for keeping my point of reference functioning. Oh & congrats on your link with Okayplayer. That move was too dope… Boys.

Post Script: I peep’d how the producer of this track lifted the drums off this song here when I first heard the beat. I personally wouldn’t have done that BUT to each their own.

Fun Facts:

  1. Hey did you know that ALBe Back had a major role in the movie ATL which starred T.I.? Oh you didn’t know that? ;)
  2. Hey did you know that ALBe Back was on HBO’s Def Poetry & KILL’T it? Oh you ain’t heard? Get your rhyming bars up foo’!
  3. Hey did you know that ALBe back is of Puerto Rican decent & just so happens to be the cousin of late/great rapper Big Pun? Oh ju-don’t-know?
  4. Hey did you know that ALBe Back both produced AND rapped at Kanye’s Graduation ceremony? Oh you didn’t know that? Well “Good Night
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~ by 88-Keys on August 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “AlBe Back – “Walk On By” Ft. Naledge & 88-Keys”

  1. wow!

    great song. and i didn’t know all those fun facts about Albe Back! good work sir!

    keep the posts coming ochenta-ocho! :)


  2. Hi 88 keys ! ( how people call you “88” ? “Keys” ? “88 Keys” ? “Charles” ? “Clifford” ???)
    In any CASE,I just loved the Mixtape.I like mixtapes,I feel it like somethin’ more personal..Thanks for sharing your music which is so inspiring.I’m like someone very eclectic about music and I find this in yours.What a great snooper of Samples…
    I already knew “Wasting my minutes” and “True feelings”.Who said Hip Hop’ dead?(Yeah Nas said it).
    I hope you’ll visit Europe one day…If you stop by Paris or even London tell us!!
    Kanye visited us several times…

    p.s:another artist I discover today.Albe Back got some crazy flow on nice beat..

    I let you understand it : Ô Cameroun Berceau de nos Ancêtres !


  3. Nice.i love the raw snap in the drums even if he did take them straight from that Q-Tip joint (which sounds really familiar.i’m sure i’ve heard that track recently…idk).
    outta the facts,i only knew the Good Night one.smh,i will step my game up.


    • Yeah the song was the last single (with video) on Q-Tip’s first solo album… Produced by the late/great J. Dilla – r.i.p.

      88-Keys – The Death of Adam


  4. thats good 88, whatever we can do to help you go plat let us know, im at work right now so cant listen to the song but i’ll listen to it when i get home, i also wanna hear some more good stuff from 88! im alwys checking your blog and stuff to see what new comes up
    kind regards


    • Thanks homey. It’s weird how that particular interview you kind of just referenced was not only done but came out months ago but, for some strange reason, it just resurfaced & has a whole new set of legs to it. I’ve seen a lot of people tweeting the link to it. Strange I say.

      88-Keys – The Death of Adam



    I like the track..and so it goes straight into my phone..which doesn’t have and “i” in front of it.. go ahead man…

    but seriously though..I’m looking forward to listening to some more from the 88-Keys Archives.. also..

    Why you makin us wait so long bruh ?


    • More material from me on it’s way I promise. I’m making people wait because I still have yet to go platinum. I want everybody to know about The Death of Adam & fully embrace it for what it is (a super dope album) before I take any more steps forward. No point in trying to ‘save hip hop’ music if it all falls on deaf ears. *shrugs*


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