Vault: 88-Keys – “No. I Said I LIKED You” (Original)

So check this out, literally the morning before I had to send the masters of my album out to the manufacturing company to get massed produced (you know… the hundreds of thousands of copies of The Death of Adam that all of you devout true hip hop heads & lovers of dope music all rushed to the store/iTunes to purchase.) Psyche! *smh*

Now where was I? Ah yes. So the morning before I had to turn my album in, I got hit with a notice that one sample couldn’t get cleared. WHAT? Why? It wasn’t like I put any explicit lyrics on this. It was a friggin’ instrumental for Christ’s sake. What made this even more absurd was that the sample request was submitted about 3 months prior & we [my manager, myself & Decon] heard nothing back from anybody on the other end… Until the morning before? It’s like they knew. Like they were just taunting me. Well now I’m putting it out & it’s going to be heard so :P. As long as I’m not selling this I believe I should be okay. But just in case, if anybody has this original sample… Please don’t rat me out. ;)

So, without further ado, here is the original “No. I Said I LIKED You” (Peep the chop game kiddies & REALLY listen to my sample chops & you’ll see how & why it fits into the story line of The Death of Adam; also why this song has this song title.)

Fun Facts:

  1. This was Q-Tip‘s favorite song/beat from the original version of my album.
  2. What actually became the current album version of “No. I Said I LIKED You” is actually a song I made for the previous version of the album called “In House…”


  • Peter Bittenbender for handling my album the right way when it came to samples. Not many (if any) indie labels would do it how it’s supposed to be done. Kudos!

Post Script: Buy my album The Death of Adam because… It’ incredible! (Yeah I said it!!!)

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~ by 88-Keys on August 18, 2009.

28 Responses to “Vault: 88-Keys – “No. I Said I LIKED You” (Original)”

  1. Album version is way better in my opinion but your work is amazing regardless. All the best


    • This was Q-Tip’s favorite song on my (then) album & we all know & would readily agree that ‘Tip is the man THEREFORE… ;) Thanks for the check-in & compliment KaLeeDo. Word!


      • I stand corrected then, the ‘original version’ is the better one since one of the GOAt producers of our times thinks so…*secretely still likes the album version-goes into hip hop witness protection program :)

        Youre very much welcome sir and you deserve it brother. Peace


  2. your chop game is on some next level my dude!!!


  3. hey i really like this track (imo better than the album version) and was wondering since this really can’t be used for anything commercial, would you be opposed to me using it to rap over for my mixtape? I wanted to ask you personally because just as the sample holders had the ultimate say in whether you used the sample, you as the producer have the say in whether or not someone else can use your work. Let me know either way, and keep up the great work!


  4. Just stopped by your blog and I have to say that this is just wonderful. Your album is magnificent and I’ve maked sure that my friends bought your album and supported your work.

    Swedish and Polish greetings (yeah, you’re international and shit!)


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