The Making of “Deal Breakers” Pt. 2 & 3

As promised… (About a year ago), the rest of the video1 of me creating the beat for “Deal Breakers” my favorite beat chop from my first (& only for now) mixtape Adam’s Case Files. This song features Mr. Bentley. He MURDERED this beat in a style I dubbed ‘The Ascot Flow’. I came up with that name that night. Anybody care to hear more of the Fonz & myself work together just say the word. You could personally hit him up on Twitter here: Mr. Fonzworth Bentley. Let him know. Make demands. Make his Twitter time out from an overload of your requests of me & him getting back in the lab. He’s ill… Trust me! Just listen…

This is a rarity for me; I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m actually going to give you people the sample information & you’re not even paying me for this song nor are you the a&r for my project.2 :D So here it is. chicago gansters The ONLY reason I’m doing this is so you could see (or hear rather) that I’m no slouch when it comes to the chopsuey of a sample. Many thorough diggers would instantly recognize this album because it contains the ever so popular “Gangster Boogie” song on it. That sample is STILL fresh as Hell ’til this day. *whew* The song that I chopped up is entitled:

Don’t Be Gone

By the way, I absolutely hate these ‘yo I’m an ill producer, peep my chop game son-son’ videos. That’s actually the reason why I never followed thru & posted the long lost parts to these videos. Okay, “hate” is such a strong word but you know what… It fits. No stabs to ALL of the other producers who make such videos but I’ve pretty much had it. To me, watching such videos nowadays is like trying to sit through a YouTube beat boxing video. If I still had my ‘locks I’d probably pull ‘em out. I’d rather watch cup stacking. *pause*

(That Steven Purugganan kid is pretty amazing!)

This part tres was just me putting the finishing touches on the beat. Nothing too crazy though to be honest. Either way I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please post comments/feedback here as this is the only place I reply to them all. Thanks for checking me out. Peace!


  1. Part 1 can be found on my official YouTube channel. Feel free to watch some other videos I’ve posted on there, share them & post comments. Thanks.
  2. That’s a music industry reference/joke because, 9 times out of 10, music producers who sample MUST turn in all the sample info for clearance.


  • Mr. Bentley for coming up with some ill raps for my mixtape & allowing me to actually produce you as opposed to just emailing you a beat. See how magic happens when two dope artists are actually working together?
  • Chicago Gangsters for just being plain ol’ funky. Me likes. Thanks again.

Post Script:

  • @ :10 in Part 3… Um… *pause* :D
  • Also, REALLY listen to what the sample is saying then listen to what Mr. Bentley’s saying. This would might give you a whole other level of appreciation for this beat/song. It kind of flew over a lot of peoples’ heads ’til I fully explained it in detail. It’s kind of Illmatic. ;) Peace!
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~ by 88-Keys on August 30, 2009.

43 Responses to “The Making of “Deal Breakers” Pt. 2 & 3”

  1. it’s when he builds the up so quickly and they flow on top of each other,i just feel like passing out.


  2. Haha I think Ima scrap my beat making talent or put it on the back burner an train to be the next cup stacking champ……….sike I love music to much! That would be cool to do at a party full of drunk people tho!


  3. Wowww! That Steven Purugganan kid is amazing yo! I watched like 8 different vids of people stacking cups for no reason now?! smh haha!


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