How To Layer: Rugged Icons

That’s What He Said:

  1. “…select patterns inspired by Nordic or Native American culture.”
  2. “Shirts should fit snug.”
  3. “If you want to stick with jeans, keep them dark.”
  4. “Your top layer is the place to add weight, rustic texture and balanced color.”

Spotted: Polo

Shouts: Mr. Lauren… My hero (literally). I still have to make a post about our 7 minute encounter/conversation but… I don’t think my audience is ready for that yet. ;)

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~ by 88-Keys on November 26, 2010.

7 Responses to “How To Layer: Rugged Icons”

  1. where can I find the Intarsia Navy Blue and White Toggle Cardigan


  2. Ain’t know shit about Polo (well… POLO Polo) until this blog and you and Just Blaze in general. Good stuff, now… if I only had the paper!


  3. good informative post. I am going to a dinner party tonight and this is some good advice. thanks


  4. the new winter Rugged Icons line is soo dope!..i know you have been copping a lot of this..keep the RL Polo post coming. and please post the RL convo!!!


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