Bling Bling

Everyone, please welcome m’man Winston “Wentz” D’Adrian Nelson into the (Ball N’) Chain Gang. :D He joins me, & m’man Needlz (whom I met him through).

Congratulations To You Two Crazy Love Birds:

Wentz & (the artist formerly known as Shante Monae Freeman who is currently known as) Shante Monae Nelson. ;) Have you gotten used to being referred to as Mrs. Nelson yet? Have you been practicing your new signature? All of these things are very important. :D

"Rosewood" Anyone? Kanye? People?

Fun Fact:

Wentz is THAT dude who played all keyboard parts on The Death of Adam. If you can’t tell which parts were sample chops & which parts were Wentz’ playing then cop the CD & check my album credits/liner notes in the insert. All of you music producers out there… He’s for hire (but he don’t come cheap) *pause* Reach out to him by clicking on the hyperlinks here where his name appears.


  • Mrs. Shante M. NELSON… Let me know when you both have time to come thru for game night (whenever we set that up on our end).
  • Wentz… Okay dude, HONEYMOON’S OVER!!! Back to work we go to bang out these beats, or in your case, tickle the ivory. Let’s GO!
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~ by 88-Keys on December 14, 2010.

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