88-Keys – Beats No More

Recently I’ve been reorganizing the way I catalogue my beats to keep track of ‘em & to locate beats faster as I both (potentially) sell them & make them. Early this afternoon, while coming up with a new & more proficient way catalogue my existing & future drum samples, I noticed that I ran out of space on one of my Iomega 250 zip drive disks. Any New Yorker or persons visiting know exactly what it’s like outside these past few days: cold, slushy, wet, dreary, overcast (y’know… kind of like Seattle on a ‘good’ day). Now I’m a native New Yorker & I actually am one of the few to complain about weather conditions as I invite all four seasons with open arms. How else would I be able to rock the assorted seasonable Ralph Lauren Polo collections I own? But I decided not to brave it outside. Mainly because I have my 2 year old with me & I didn’t want to put her through these weather conditions… That early since I’d still have to, eventually, when we go pick up my other daughter from school. I wanted to spare her.

So… No other blank disks lying around yet I was pretty anxious to apply my new cataloguing techniques to my system of organization. I spotted an old Iomega 250 disk. I pretty much had a good idea of when the majority of the beats on this disk were made: approximately 7 years ago. They’ve been just sitting there, collecting dust (literally) for that long. Most beats never played for anybody outside of my manager/best friend Daniel & the few people who’d come to hang out with me at my crib in Jersey City, NJ where I crafted these beats.

So let’s do the math here people: I needed a disk today + I didn’t want to drag my lil’ “Looki”1 outside this early = OPERATION: DELETE BEATS was now in full effect. *Flavor Flav voice*

I started skimming through the tracks on there & then it hit me, “WTH am I ever going to do with these old-ass beats?” Then I thought how funny it was that the acronym for “what the Hell” actually has more syllables than saying “WTH.” It was a fleeting thought.

As I burned the last beat on said disk I started feeling slight reservations about actually deleting these beats. I thought, “maybe I could transfer them to another disk.” Uh… What other disk? Hello Ricky Retardo! This is why you’re deleting it in the first place. So… I commence to format. I suddenly let go a sigh of relief (or maybe it was a fart?) I don’t know but whatever I did, it felt good. It was like that feeling you often hear people, whom had ‘locks for half of their life, say they get once they decide to get a fade with a half moon: fresh.

So here they go for your amusement. By no means am I saying these are the freshest batch of beats you’ve ever heard or anything but these were all unfinished “ideas” I laid down 7+ years ago & never went back to. A few of these beats have backstory to them, which I shall get into on my blog posts in the near future. Some funny stories. Some “shocking”. All interesting… In my humble opinion.

Feel free to download these at your whim & spread the word on these for all of your peoples to enjoy by clicking all of the share buttons below. Also, if you have a SoundCloud account I urge you to CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNTS (settings > connections) as this is the best/easiest way to spread the good word on what you hear & what you like. Please do so before saving any songs to your “favorites” list. I hope these will hold you over on some 88-Keys content until I’m done with one of several projects I’ve been simultaneously cookin’ up for your pure chewing satisfaction… You wolves! :P



  1. “Looki” is my second daughter’s nickname. Her full name is Luca Delaney Mande Njapa. I didn’t want anybody to think I had a pet & was reluctant to take it out for a walk or something.


  • To THE REAL DJ Drastic. Happy birthday once again homey. Thanks for coming through to help me work on these projects & my apologies for all of that other stuff. Word!

Post Script:

  1. If anybody would like to send a birthday shout out to m’man just click on his name & holla! He’s an ill DJ for real.
  2. Also, I most likely will be deleting more disk (as I’ve already done two no so far) so keep checking back in on this set to hear some more joints.
  3. Lastly, if you still haven’t figured out how to download songs from my player here’s what you do: scroll over the player, click on “tracks” & the rest should be self-explanatory… Operative word here: Should. “For all you smart dumb n*ggas” © Ghostface Killah :D

~ by 88-Keys on February 2, 2011.

46 Responses to “88-Keys – Beats No More”

  1. How do i submit music


  2. Im diggin some of these beats too. The rapper in me hears dope shit and wants to write to it.
    But the producer in me wants to keep my raps for my own beats haha


  3. So got any tips on how to organise and catalogue beats? My library is a mess right now…


    • I sure do. What I’ve been doing lately is organizing by first name for solo artists or first letter in band names of the artists I sample from. Not by what I name my beats.


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