The Beat With No Name

Most of you (who follow me on Twitter) already caught wind of this lil’ “contest” I’m running but, for those that didn’t, here it is… Name That Beat!

Once again, I dug through my parents’ basement out on Strong Island & came back to Harlem with a few LPs, DAT tapes, 3.5 floppy diskettes & cassette tapes in hand. Not really sure what’s on any of them until I play them. Unfortunately, I no longer have a DAT machine1 & most of my 3.5 floppies aren’t loading up on Raw Dawg (my MPC 3000) however, I still have my busted ol’ tape deck. So I found these beats I feel like I’ve made in 1999 (which I’m pretty certain is the case) yet I found it in a case labeled another year. I think I may have just grabbed the nearest empty case & stuck the loose cassette in there. Also, I feel like these set of beats are from ’99 because one of the beats I sold to a group from Illadelph (that’s Philadelphia, PA for the uncool) named Schoolz of Thought. More on them in a future post… Promise!

Anyway, all of these beats are untitled (except for the Schoolz’ beat) so I’m asking you all to…

Name… That… BEAT!

*Price Is Right contestant voice*

There’s Rules To This Sh*t:

  1. You have to have a SoundCloud account to participate.
  2. I will only consider the proposals posted in the form of a TIMED COMMENT2.

I don’t really have a set time limit on this however I’m thinking I’ll choose a title once there’s no room to post a timed comment. I know there’s really a fat chance of that happening since most people (“fans” included) probably wouldn’t even care about this post anyway but uh… Yeah. Check back on this post as I may change this part of the rule in the very, very, very near future.


  1. But my boy Chuck Brody of Shitake Monkey fame does. He’s actually going to help me dump a few things to CD this morning.
  2. To post a “timed comment” as the beat plays, just double click anywhere on the blue strip underneath the waveform & type away.

So, remember to connect your SoundCloud accounts if you haven’t done so already in Settings > Connections & try to be as creative as possible with the naming of my beats. I’m looking forward to viewing your suggestions. There are already a bunch of dope beat titles but I’d like to give others a chance before making my decision.

Post Script:

  • Although I’m referring to this as a “contest” you actually don’t “win” anything other than having your title as the official title of my track. Maybe I’ll send you a shiny red apple as well. Who know? *Kanye shrug*
  • Fastest/Easiest way to be able to post your submittals to these tracks is to click on the track name near the bottom of the player & you’ll be redirected to the SoundCloud site where you’ll see the beat’s waveform. Don’t worry. Just do it & it’ll all make sense y’big dummy! :D
  • Art Work By Gingashi. (used without permission) :(
  • Amendment:

  • I know what I’ll give the “winner”… one of my LPs On CDs which I sell. Basically, a burned copy of one of my vinyl records (from which I sample from my own personal collection). If your title gets chosen be prepared to send me your full mailing address so I could send the CD your way. How’s that? Better than a shiny red apple no? Good luck & play as often as you’d like. Peace!
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    ~ by 88-Keys on February 16, 2011.

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