PH (Pumpkinhead) Vs. Skelly

This was a dope battle. I actually haven’t heard m’man Pumpkinhead rhyme in years. I damn near forgot he was that nice. The other dude (Skelly) was nice too. Props to both MCs.

To those viewing this blog entry, post your thoughts here on my blog in the form of a comment. Let me know what you think of the outcome; post your favorite lines (there are a LOT of ‘em). :D

~ by 88-Keys on February 19, 2011.

5 Responses to “PH (Pumpkinhead) Vs. Skelly”

  1. and yo 88 can you post more of the lo… rather see that then anything else


  2. i know i should post this on the post with this article but i was listening to boostin kev that be boostin the other day. how hes not mentioned in that polo and hiphop on xxlmag web article is a shame.


  3. Nah skelly was robbed on that one…i def. think he got pumpkin head good on the last two rounds for sure! jab shuffle wit my last knuckle then drop him on the floor like a bad juggle LOL


  4. That battle was bonkers and PH took that for sure all 3 rounds. PH was killin SK wow that “toppin out the top like an afro pick…” line was super nuts


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