88-Keys – Beats No More 2

It’s here folks! Piggybacking off if the Internet (blogosphere) success1 of Beats No More, I’ve decided to dig a lil’ deeper.

One night, a few weeks ago, I hit Kanye up to see what he was up to on a Saturday night. He told me he was in Baldwin on Long Island, NY. For some reason I could’ve sworn he said he was chillin’ at a sports bar & that I should come thru. He wasn’t. He & Hype Williams were actually putting the finishing touches on his current video release “All of The Lights“. I didn’t find that out ’til I got there. I also brought one of my good friends/’Lo Bro’/crate diggin’ brethren DJ R.Thentic with me along for the ride.

So we chilled over there for about an hour before production was wrapped. ‘Ye went back to his crib & asked if I was going to come thru to hang out. “Bet!” We hadn’t hung out in a few + it’s always good to be around good friends who are… G.O.O.D. But before dipping back to NYC I made a quick pit stop at my folks’ crib in the middle of the night. Close to 2 o’clock in the morning to be exact. So, for all of you who’ve been following me on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace etc., you all should know that whenever I take a trip to my parents’ house (West Hempstead, NY) I al-ways make a trip down to my old lab space in the basement of their home & dig up some goodies. Whether it’s a small pile of LPs which have been left behind for x amount of years (which I haven’t heard since my teenage years) or some old 3.5″ floppy diskettes which I pray would still work on “Raw Dawg” (my MPC 3000) or a handful of CDs or old DAT tapes… I never leave empty handed.

Well this trip I managed to grab a little bit of all of the above. I came across a few DAT tapes; one apparently got magnetized so there THAT went. :( This “new instrumental album” are some beats I made back in 1999 that I shopped on a beat tape. This was way before I actually started naming my beat tape (i.e. The Makings of Crack-Cocaine, The ALPHA Program, [and more recently] Eat Good… Shit Good!, etc.)

(Click On Any Key Above To Show Your Support)

So, again, thanks to all of you who both played & downloaded the crap out of Beats No More which were beats made 7 YEARS AGO (not in 2007 as some blogs posted). Those were all free downloads & unmixed, 2-tracked straight from the stereo outs of Raw Dawg. Beats No More 2 were all “mixed” by yours truly back when I had a Yamaha O3D digital mixer. Please show your support for my work by purchasing this album today. All of the tracks are longer than BNM & I’d suggest copping the album in it’s entirety is a smarter purchase as there are 27 songs on here.


  1. Thank you NahRight, 2DopeBoyz & all of the other blogs who were very instrumental (*ha ha* get it?) in spreading the good word.


  • To m’man Yoram Benz who hooked me up (once again) on the dope art work. He’s amazing y’all. Peep his work & hire him. Not like he NEEDS it (with his corporate gig & all) but I’d personally like to see more of his art work used in our hip hop community so… Let’s give him the work.
  • Matt Fingaz who actually came up with the majority of the beat titles to this release (although a few of them I had to shoot down & tweak m’DAMNself). :D
  • To Ian Petrarca, one of many contest winners who came up with the PERFECT beat title: “Ballerina Fist Fight

Post Script: Thank you in advance for showing me support as you may not realize how important that is to (any) artist. It is much appreciated as I put this out completely on my own. More (real) new music is on it’s way. Promise! I hope this holds you over for the next few weeks. ;) Peace y’all! Oh & SNIPPETS WILL BE POSTED VERY SOON! (Sorry I gotta jet. Shit, Shower n’ Shave…)

~ by 88-Keys on March 11, 2011.

16 Responses to “88-Keys – Beats No More 2”

  1. Hey man, just purchased beats no more 2 off i-tunes, the beats are epic! I do have one question though, What is the song/vocals you sampled for Quarter Water?


  2. […] Die 27 Beats von “Beats No More 2” stammen dieses Mal aus dem Jahr 1999. Des Weiteren sind die Tracks im Unterschied zum ersten Teil gemixt und deutlich länger. Deswegen gibt es das Projekt auch nicht als Free-Download, sondern nur via iTunes. Alle Infos zu “Beats No More 2″ findet ihr im Blog von 88-Keys. […]


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