Awesome Piano Solo

In honor of me going to see this man & his former band mate play tomorrow in concert, I’ve decided to give you all the chance to be just a little bit jealous that I’m going… & you’re not. :D

Yeah… I know that was a tad mean but, hey, we all deserve a chance to stunt ONCE in a while don’t we?

Post Script: Look out for next post where I’ll be revealing who this guy’s former band mate is whom I’ll be checking out in concert… WITH all of my album covers I have of theirs in tow in hopes of having them autograph all of them. I have about 20 of their records… “OD much?” ;)

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~ by 88-Keys on October 23, 2011.

One Response to “Awesome Piano Solo”

  1. One of my tutor’s that was a graphic designer said that 20 years ago big design firms became introverted, they weren’t competition, they became a community, co workers, nobody else could get in while they made all the cash. He said he fears that’s happening with twitter. Something that was created to let people communicate on a level plane is becoming one sided in that some people only connect with certain people. If you aren’t in that circle, forget about it. The whole point is that it breaks down the barriers of this side and that side, the famous and non famous, the knowledgeable and the ones learning, the verified and the non verified. As long as you had an account, you’re all playing on the same field. What’s the point if somebody is gonna maintain those barriers? So when he was talking about this stuff it made me think of you, 88-Keys. You’re not one of those people, you’re one of the few that does take the time out to actually SOCIALISE on these SOCIAL networks. Connecting with those new rappers you signed. The blogging, the tweeting, the tumblr and the formspring. The reaction to the lecture today just made me think about it and so I thought I’d just let you know I think it’s fucking cool that you do that.


    that keyboard solo is just…he was going HAM


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