Que.D – Quite Delicious

Recently on my Formspring account I was asked what I planned on doing for ‘Dilla Month. Well here’s one thing I’m doing: Trying to keep his legacy going & trying to see to it that the fruits of ‘Dilla’s labor (and those he cared about) fall into the right basket.

So, with that said, no need to YouTube these songs or this project. Here are the EP snippets; the full length versions of these songs (which include intro music crafted by the late/great J. Dilla) can be found by clicking the “Buy” button on each song or you could save a few cents & purchase the entire EP which, I’m sure I don’t have to say, is well worth it. Support dope music! Support raw talent! Support the legacy that which is Jay Dee a.k.a. J. Dilla a.k.a. ‘Dilla Dawg…


Fun Fact: Believe it or not, back in ’97 when this project was made, ‘Dilla had Que.D record ALL of the songs featured on this EP to a (wait for it… WAIT for IT…) muthaf*ckin’ CLICK TRACK! ‘Dilla then proceeded to make the beat around Que.D’s vocals. Some of these songs were 2nd & 3rd (final) attempts. Be on the look out for some of the hidden gems that Que.D will dig up (some cassette relics) coming soon to his SoundCloud here: QDiesel


    • To Detroit’s finest – Jay Dee – Man… You’re missed. I salute & celebrate you. R.I.P.
    • To m’man Que.D for droppin’ that Supa Shit & keepin’ things 100% real with everybody who’s crossed his path. Also thanks for continuously sharing with me some incredible stories of growing up with James D. Yancey & crew (Frank-N-Dank, Waajeed, T3 & the late/great Baatin) & all of the adventures & hijinks they got into from junior high school ’til adulthood. Seriously… One of y’all needs to write a book on all this.
    • M’man Frank Nitt… (see quote above). Real dude for real. My brother.

“E.P.H.C.Y. for life ha ha h’haa” © Jay Dee of Slum Village (“Things U Do”)

~ by 88-Keys on February 7, 2012.

One Response to “Que.D – Quite Delicious”

  1. Monster music!


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