Tre DeJean – “Time Zone”

Here is song I produced for my artist Tre DeJean. I’m happy to report that, in a few weeks, this Arlington, TX native will be uprooting from Chicago, IL & moving to Harlem, NY1 just so he could be closer to his label HQ (Locksmith Music) & my studio (The Polo Grounds).

The SE Reflexion Filter's Like, "PHOTO OPP'!!!"

With that said, expect to hear a lot more bangers from us. This is just a teaser of what we have in store for you… & for Hip Hop.

This song “Time Zone” is just one of several songs I produced for ALL of my artists I signed to Locksmith Music which will be featured on another2 upcoming Locksmith Music mixtape entitled: Ready/Set

Consider this a teaser, a “single” or (as I like to refer to it) a WARNING SHOT.


  1. “PST, CST, EST… I’m home,” This boy wasn’t playing. He’s lived EVERYwhere. Next stop: Harlem World!
  2. “Another” because I’ve already put a Locksmith Music mixtape out. If you don’t have it yet, get it here: 88-Keys Presents… Locksmith Music

Shout Out:

  • Tre DeJean we got some bangers to make. I’m looking forward to our studio session. So… 7 more weeks huh? Oh & you’ve got some “homework” to do. I’ll hit you up & tell you exactly what this means. *ha*
  • To m’man Dot Da Genius for giving me the fan-bama-lama rates at his studio The Brewery. Your studio is ill broski. Word!
  • Andrew Krivonos dude… You HAVE to get a smartphone! That flip ain’t cuttin’ it. :D
  • To my wife Krista for the impromptu photo shoot. Thanks babe.
  • To m’man R.Thentic for the quick Photoshop skills. Thanks buddy.
  • To Tre’s crew Ivey League, you’ve raised your boy right. Time to get it now! Let’s GO!
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~ by 88-Keys on February 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Tre DeJean – “Time Zone””

  1. […] One of my favorites from 88-Keys new label Locksmith Music drops a new track today produced by 88 himself. Tre DeJean is one you need to look out for, trust me. “Time Zone” was inspired by how much this man moves, “PST, CST, EST… I’m home.” It will be featured on the upcoming Locksmith Music mixtape entitled: Ready/Set. If you didn’t get a chance to peep the first tape yet, then check it out here. Props to Polo67Life. […]


  2. this is the dog’s bollocks. it’s just dogs on dogs on dogs!


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